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5 Things That We Can Take From The Michael Brown Grand Jury


1. They no longer need us here, they do not care about Black lives. The System of the USA is done with us. They have utilized us to their capacity and have no more use for us. We have built their country, cultivated their land, worked for them, purchase the must from them. Note they feel we are merely friending :/ them and dependent.

2. This is the catalyst for change. Yes we say this every time as a culture, but this time is different. This is the birth of our revolutionaries. This is this generation’s civil unrest. This is the millennial fight. This is the birth of the next sojourner, harriet, rosa. This is the birth of the next garvey, malcolm, marion barry (MB). Revolutionaries are born from situations like these.

3. We have nothing to lose, be creative. We need to channel our efforts into something constructive, something strategic. We have to be creative, we have to organize and be analytical. We have nothing to lose, look at the world we live in, our birth place. Life has turned into this inanimate object that holds little value.

4. Let’s delegate our own officials. Who are the people we eject and elect to be our representatives? What sectors see needed to be a independent governing body of our own? Who us going to organize? We need to build. Relationships are important. Who are we going to invest in to be our leaders? Who are we going to edify and band together? Look at our connections and build.

5. Hit them where it hurts. Their Profit Margins. Gather with your family, friends, or community this holiday and make an allegiance to each other; that you will put energy into your life and their lives in order to overcome adversity. Boycott their stores. Do not participate in their money laundering schemes – Black Friday Sales, Cyber Mondays, Christmas, New Year. Circulate your dollars amongst each other. Stop hating on each other and being crabs in a bucket. Celebrate each other. Ferguson burn that McDonalds, the food is poisoning you. If you can burn local structures take that corporate monster down too. Be protective of businesses and properties that are of value to you. Open and guard the local Black owned carry out, circulating dollars. Being creative and strategic.

3 Reasons To Stay Tuned & Read Along!



Hello Beautiful People! There is so much to writing a book than writing a book. There is marketing, editing, finances, formatting, a lot. But it is almost ready and Spring is only a short time away. To some of you it may sound like a long time off to you. But for me it is right around the corner. And of course, I am nervous! I have a lot to do between now and then, like implementing the marketing plan, blogging and building an audience, applying the final edits, revising the book cover, and well impressing and capturing your attention. So for the next few months, I will be dedicated to writing, not for the book, but writing for you. You will be the receiver of all my humor, inspiration, wittiness, love, and anecdotes. Why? Because reaching you and talking with you is the ultimate reason for my writing.

In lieu of the fact that LAUNCH DAY is ONLY FOUR MONTHS AWAY, here is what you can expect from me and the blog in between time and in the meantime:


Hard truth: II WILL BE NOISY AROUND THESE PARTS!! I will be doing some of everything trying to get your attention. There will be a lot of posts, some videos, some things on the house (freebies), inspiration, love, realness, and a lot of funny.  I am not an Android, but I need to function like one to meet my lifelines (deadlines). But I like to sleep, I need to hate sleep and the warmth in the bed. Hey, I live in DC and WINTER is coming.  In other words it will be on and poppin’ around here… a lot of activity, but I have to overcome old habits of laziness and relaxation.


Better truth: IT WILL NOT BE OBNOXIOUS! Please don’t block me, and not follow along, now, because a lot of activity simply means it’ll be fun, engaging, and enough. It’ll be a lot of anecdotes, humor, dot connecting all from the lessons, life, craziness, and beauty that has hit me. So join me as we get ready to release this book and get to know each other. You will get a lot of me and hopefully see glimpses of yourself inside my stories and in me too. I am drafting the marketing plan and implementing some parts of it, and trying to hit 75 mph and make something happen. So be a witness to it all!


NEW BEGINNINGS!  This will be me at my most vulnerable, scary times.  By the time we get to know each other and have many moons of fun the book will be ready and available. It will be in ebook and print! A print book….now that is exciting! It will be fun around here, it will be real around here, it will be a place that you can receive a story that may be uniquely similar to yours, it will be a place that some will share, it will be cool ’round these parts. So that’s the jest of it, really.

In the meantime, and in between time let’s get you connected and up to date on all of my social media accounts!

I’m also on Twitter.  It’s quick & easy, so I will be utilizing this much more than usual. We will have twitter chats, giveaways, campaigns, and fun. Twitter will somewhat be my catch all. It will be me with no filter. Leggo!

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YouTube will be getting all kinds of action from me in the coming months, because its a challenge and it makes me feel at my most vulnerable. And somebody once told me that vulnerability is power! And you guys stay on YouTube, so I need to be where you are. I will have to schedule and be Android like to pull this off and get you guys engaged, meet my lifelines, and produce good work. I will also be filming my book trailer so be on the look out for that soon too.

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I’m on Instagram too, because they say pictures are worth a thousand words. I will be launching an Instagram series/campaign/hashtag next month. The inspiration will be of course lessons, or daily reminders I and the people around me have and all the funny we experience on the daily. Hey, I’m just trying to be transparent.

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Spillover! Facebook will be coming soon! Here will be the home of all my unedited mind tinklings will be posted. Of course this is a brand spanking new BLOG & AUTHOR Facebook page, so if we are personal friends on The Book, you’ll want to give this new page a “like” and “follow,” too.  There will be lots of randomness, relevance, updates, pictures, a lot of funny, comments, and beauty.

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And that’s all for now. Let me know what you think so far.

What are some things you want to talk about, here we go!

……Saturn Returns….


saturn returnYesterday was my Earthday!! I divinely enjoyed my day and felt a nice ease about life. There is just one thing, I turned 28 this year. It takes Saturn about 28 to 30 years to fully rotate around the sun and return to it’s stomping grounds it graced the day you were born. Now Saturn, is our celestial taskmaster and it represents discipline. So of course with this year, brings GREAT responsibility.

So as I relish my one whole day of being 28, I know that I have to move quickly with Saturn. No procrastination allowed. So I must choose what new discipline I plan to undertake. I’ve been trying to go through my rolodex in my mind and figure this thing out. What to do? What to do? What areas in my life need discipline? What can I do to bring more organization and controlled will power in my life? What? Any ideas?

I would like to incorporate something that can align me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some have suggested Tai Chi, or yoga. I have yet to set a decision in stone. I am indecisive, that is a trait of my Libra spirit. Now that is something I am looking to work on – decisiveness.

I must say that I am excited as to what is to come with my Saturn return. Why? Because I am not the most disciplined person and I long to be. I do not want to be uptight, but I want to have more order in my life and to do things consistently. I want to be be consistent.I am consistent in all things I do! So here is to a happy Saturn Return, a great year, and more order!!

Oh, any ideas for a new discipline I can take on?

Finding Me Reminders


inspirationToday, I let the words flow out as I sit and recollect my thoughts. Meditating on what is next, how to push this book, and what will come of me. I have so many untapped attributes. The dear creator could come down himself and tell me all of them and I would still be like well, there is this one flaw. It’s funny how you can see the beauty and strengths of those around you versus yourself sometimes.

We get so caught up in our environment around us, growing up that we don’t take the time to fully understand and know ourselves. Then we grow up with little patience to sit alone with ourselves, always feeling like we have to be on the go or be doing something. Taking moments for yourself becomes a distant gesture that never comes up, unless the universe reminds you in a tragic way. Making us sit down, making us be still, making us realize that we need to reevaluate.

So what’s next? I’m not sure, I have to go sit alone with myself and not move. I have to still my mind and go towards the things I really want in life. Where do I see myself? What do I see me doing? Why am I so scared to visualize these things? But now I go and sit, maybe because I have to get ready for a meeting and then errands, and then my dad’s in town…..where will I get the time to sit with myself? IDK……

Goddess of Dark and Light




I embrace my darkness and my light. I am not afraid for either to show through. It seemed to be the theme of last month’s lunar eclipse. Accepting who you are and understanding the beauty of both perspectives. Dark & Light; Joy & Pain; Love & Hate; Fear & Courage; Anger & Calmness; Lack & Abundance, how you can’t experience one without the other. I am freeing myself from the acceptance of others. I accept me for just who I am.

I forgive myself for all past endeavors that I saw as dark and accept them as lessons. Everyday I fall more in love with life and enjoy the journey of my experiences. Soon my days will be filled with all that  I love to do and love about life. Life is abundant. I am grateful to know the things I know. I look forward to expanding.

The light and dark are beautiful. Something I have to remember……..