1 step @ time


So as tax season dwindles down for us tax preparers, I decide to ‘entertain’ some of my friends. But as always we end up entertaining each other and no outside pretenders are needed. Truly timeless moments ‘honest to goodness’ balancing. So I will begin to devote more time to what I love. That is what my friends near and far teach me each time we bond.

Yesterday as I was driving to work and oh by the way, I was late to work on yesterday. I got in 15 minutes late. Accident on 395, DC traffic,fire trucks and rescue squads.  So I was listening to this program, that had I been on time I wouldn’t have been able to hear, at that moment anyway. But I digress the host asked us, ‘ how do you feel about the effects of the human impact on the earth? and what is your contribution to counteract these effects daily?’ I didn’t call in personally and comment but I reflected on that as I went through the last 3 stop lights before turning into my work lot. I was not able to hear the rest of the program but can’t wait for it to be archived on their site.

Me – I am being harsh to our Mother Earth, but what am I doing about it? What small step or contribution am I taking to help our Earth continue to thrive?  Honestly guys not much – details later, yes I’m publicly ‘going in’ on myself. Coming Soon! 🙂

Here’s my intentions to help myself and my counterparts by learning from and teaching things that are relevant to each other’s progression. Everyone has a story and we should look to make and spread joy through charity, a smile, education, or a kind word.

just ‘ honest to goodness beauty’

Oh Earth day is Sunday, April 22, 2012. let’s all try to do something that day and every day to lessen our legacy on this EARTH~

The radio station was Jazz and Justice -WPFWashington. You can tune in via  www.wpfw.org.

inspiring dreams.

                                                   believing in each other.

                            watching achievement happen.

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