I Challenge Myself….dis·ci·pline noun \ˈdi-sə-plən\


In May/June of 2009 I stood in front of my peers and spoke about discipline. That day turned out to be the same day my family and I started to lose even more of the discipline we had. We already had loss so much the prior years,  but we didn’t expect the things to come.

So I stood there and spoke to my peers and family about challenging themselves to add more discipline to their lives and actions. But truthfully somewhere between ‘then and now’ my discipline has been misplaced.

I need to instill that discipline, that I once talked about having back into my daily world. I need to routinely do things for the progression of my surroundings and community.Not a monotonous life but a life of  taking care of business @ all times and being as productive in each day as I can. So we can efficiently come together and bless one another.

Yes, I have to do better and today I pledge to do so in all aspects that I’m able to! OK, time to hit the streets. The concrete is ready to make music!

Good day Folks!

Starting Monday it is Veg Week, thru April 29th. I also pledged to eat only veggies this week! Hey its a good start! 🙂  Check out www.vegdc.com for more details.

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