Where does your inspiration derive from? I’m sure like many of us it comes from the likes of your everyday living. I was inspired today by something that is derived from the inspiration of God. I’m speaking of scripture, which is exactly what 2 Timothy 3:16 says. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” I continue to read through 4:5.

It prompted me to relate what I was reading to our surroundings today. It made me questioned some of my characteristics I exhibit daily. We currently live in a world where it seems we are only about self and the thought of others have sadly withered into an existence unknown.

In this scripture it says we must combat these characteristics of selfishness by fulfilling your ministry. He is giving us the best of both worlds. He is allowing us to indulge in what we love and what makes us joyous. He wants us to fulfill our purpose. What is your purpose? What void could you be fulfilling? What is your particular ministry to the world and how will you communicate it to our people?

Well if we all were trying to live out our purposes and minister his word then we would be happier, healthier, and coexisting folks. The only true motive we should have in this world is to inspire. What will it take to inspire the world to do what they love so that they can in turn bless others?

We must find our Ministry, therefore living out your Purpose by finding the Inspiration to do what you Love. Living by Faith and doing Works!

It’s as simple as that.

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