de·stroy verb \di-ˈstrȯi, dē-\


Wow May has flown by. We only have 14 til June. Destroy, we usually negate this word and associate it as an unpleasant,even harsh action. But here I want to build and although they are opposite in this post and forward going for me they will mtion is better than inaction. No matter the action, the result, the reason, nullifiying everything; it is still better to act than not. So by ‘destroying’ this immobility of my mind, body, and spirit then I would actually be building my mind, body, and spirit.

So in this sense build and destory, both verbs, mean the same. How you ask. They are both performing the same action towards the same objects. Make sense. Of course it does, its not quantom physics. By annilihating inaction and living in motion will allow me to detach myself from my fears and do for the universe and its consituients. So I need to start tearing down!

Check out my guest blog for Humbly, Peax, Love. Miles, Wavelengths, Humps, & Bounds: The Beginnings of a Wellness Journey

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