Shining Light


Today is the day, it’s here and ready for all of you to experience. The Just B.Right Brand. So I’m going to take a moment to allow it to introduce itself. Go through the pages and posts and get a little taste of what’s to come. Evolving is key, so this is just the beginning.

Just B.Right will serve as the melting pot of me. It’s the platform of all my creative abilities and business experiences. I will express myself daily, shine my light and just be right, inspiring others to do the same. Your only purpose in life is to be you, and never let anyone strip you of your uniqueness, your quirks, your randomness, your being. My purpose in this lifetime is to be unselfishly me, and I choose to Master Me for you.

Just B.Right is for us all. We all have our definition of what delegates as right in our lives. As I journey to be MY right I hope to inspire you to be YOUR right and myself to continue on.  Shine your light as bright as you can, all day, everyday! Be an inspiration of beauty to all the likes of the world. Whatever or however you want to shine it, go for it. It can be one big bright light, classic lighting, stage lighting, LED lighting, sunshine, moonlight….all i ask is you shine and be open to how others shine their light.



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