Unapologetically B.Right


Unapologetically B.Right

I can’t apologize for me being truly me for the 1st time ever in my life. I’m finally beginning to live out my birthright to provide beauty to everyone, not just those near me. I’m learning that you cannot take personally the thoughts of others about you. Not everybody will embody and embrace your true being.
Never stop being you! What others say about you, think about, and do to you is their reality. Not yours. Some may think you are just as random as hell, others may think you have it all together, while others see you as having potential with the right guidance. That’s ok. Only you can create your true reality and expectations for yourself.
When you are comfortable being yourself and know that you are moving towards your truth, you are unapologetically being you. The words, thoughts, expectations, perceptions, realities, or actions of others should have no bearing over the reality or expectation you have for yourself. And always understand that you will live your life differently from how other live out theirs. And that’s ok too. That is the beauty of people – our differences. We all are perfectly imperfect. There is no perfect way to do anything! You take those things and you reflect, but never take them personally!



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