Never Stop Being Curious


As I reflect on my current epiphanies of how I am cultivating my life and the things around me, I realize it’s the inquisitiveness within me that dictates my randomness. We all go through cycles of life and some people are inquisitive early on in their lives and are more structured now, others have had a balance, and if you are anything like me, my inquisitiveness was not fostered early on in my life and I am delving and looking for so many answers now.

Growing up I was shhhsed a lot. And today as an adult, it has stuck with me. I rarely speak my truth, so not to rattle the expectations of others, it is hard to ask the hard questions of myself, it is a task to ask questions to others. My inquisitive nature was shut down during my most imaginative time of my life and cultivating that back into habit has been a little daunting. But I am reminded today to never stop being curious. And there is no reason not to ask or say what is on your mind. Let people think what they think.

The purpose of a question is to obtain information that matters to us. We should all exhibit curiosity daily. That way we are continuously learning. This morning I awoke to the question in my head of “what changes are you making in yourself daily?” I found that to be profound because we all know that change is inevitable and it is a manifestation of growth, and evolvement. And we must be the change, we want to see.  So I took it as the universe asking:  how am I going to grow daily. what introspective things are you doing to foster evolution of yourself, what things are you going to change, in order to change your life and others?

So for starters, I’m going to be more curious and not let the expectations of others rattle my randomness and my hunt to know more of me and more of the world around me.



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