Light Vibrations


Light Vibrations

I am the universe
pulsating beat by beat
creating images of sound
with every symphonic beat.

Vibrating high each day
to manifest beauty with flawed melodies
imitating universal plight.

in all sense of the term.
Particles dispersing
to be-frame me, the universe.

growing, evolving, creating
life into all things.
Vibrating High.

Come on now
do the work
plow the land
do the rituals unto it.

Daily routines of ‘being’
allowing the pulses to pulsate so high
that bigger quakes of particle like
beauty seep together
to form you, the universe.

I am the universe, so I must
allow that abstract sound
so pure and refined
that only those with
age of mind
will be able to overstand me.

I have to be at love and above,
reflecting shining light.
Glowing in the dark.



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