The things that Wears on the Nerves, Polishes the Soul


Now this post is not one to grip and complain, but it is one of gratitude and thankfulness. The past couple of months have been trying, and that is to say the least. I’ve experienced life in a restricted tone, not quite like ever before. There have been plenty of times I have had to go without or survive off less, but never at this magnitude.

Why am I grate-full? Because these two months have been ones that have also been more freeing and liberating than anytime in my life as well. Yes walking oxymoron here! Restricted but free. Confined yet liberated. Yea, that basically sums up life right now. It’s been the humblest of times. My restriction has opened many doors of my mind and allowed me to experience many lessons that I will look to through out my maturity.

I want to share my Ahas with you, so here are some of the things that the last 2 months have revealed.


  1. Pride, gets you no where! Let it go, it’s a part of EGO and we have no space for it.
  2. Be humbled, you sometimes have to ask for help. Utilize your resources, that’s why they are there.
  3. Always go with your Gut! * daily reminder*
  4. Don’t take things or people personal.
  5. Go with the flow of focus, stop over analyzing things.
  6. Stop being so hard on yourself, questioning yourself. Just trust yourself.
  7. I can start anywhere.
  8. Be more specific with my goals and what I want to do in life. That way they are easier to carry out.
  9. Make the decision and just dammit do it!
  10. Perspective: Change it: Shift it: View from all sides!
  11. If my goals are bigger than me, then that is nothing to fear but to be excited about!

Ahas and Wins

  1. Started my blog
  2. Stopped apologizing for who I am.
  3. Decided to go forth with magazine idea. *perfect to bring everyone together*
  4. Found the perfect way to mix my business acumen and creativity! *editing*
  5. Specified and wrote out my goals
  6. Been more disciplined and consistent. *especially with exercising :-)*
  7. Breaking down those pride walls and asking for more help.
  8. See that a MBA will benefit what I’m trying to do with the community.
  9. Contacted centers and programs about my money conversations with kids.
  10. Building the B.Right Brand
  11. Seeing beauty in everything!!

This Summer has been tough for me, but it seems tough love is the theme. Business wise it was nonexistent and my relationships came to a head. Although trying, it was needed, it was healthy, it was growth! I’m moving forward with a smile.



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