Renew, Refresh, Release: I Am Abundance!!

As I reflect back on the past few months, I have learned many lessons as I stated in my previous post. But in those lessons, I failed to apply some of them. I have been focused on the lack thereof versus focusing on abundance. And while I had been focused on the lack thereof, that’s all that came to me. Lack. Lack. Lack. 

Yesterday, I was reminded of my pride and stubbornness. Today, I decided to release any blockages that was preventing me from flowing into my abundance. That included that pride I hang so tightly to, knowing that it does me no good. 

This morning, one of my teachers called me an abundance creator, not really knowing what’s been going on the past couple months. I receive that, because in that very moment I decided to uphold that name and claim that title. I am an Abundance Creator and I can manifest all the needs of the world!!

You are your thoughts. Law of attraction is real. And I was in a mode where I was thinking thoughts that were not conducive to the life I am living. I live a life of prosperity and the universe always provides for me. The thinking I’ve had, has not been in alignment. But the wonderful things about thoughts, is that you can change them at any time and think new ones. I choose today to only focus on the abundance there is rather the lack thereof. 

Today I posted affirmations that were suppose to be put up many New moons ago. I drew a nice bath mixed with herbs, prosperity oils, and positive intentions. I released all beliefs and energies that are not putting my intentions into action. It’s a new day for me. I was bogged with worry and stress. And that my friend weakens the stomach, brain, and something else important. But yea, now I see why my thoughts were not in alignment. 



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