Focus on Abundance


So a few days ago I regrouped, I posted about it, read here. So I got my shit together and started refocusing on the solution. The solution being abundance! So let me share with you what has happened since. Yea it’s all ABUNDANT!!

True words of wisdom shared from one of my teachers, who undoubtedly is assisting me be my true me and putting forth effort to help live out my DREAMS, my VISIONS, my REVOLUTION. She’s awesome and so transparent; hell these words are too weak to even define her – as is with all my teachers! She is true to her principles of community, check out her endeavors here, she is a great supporter of all and willingly to help women dive into their dreams.

Got advice and encouragement to assist me in my endeavors as serving on the board of NSBE DC Professionals from tenured leaders. The talks gave me comfort and confidence that this will be a great education for me and great year for our chapter.

Then, dinner with a friend that always makes laugh, no matter what! She covered my dinner, my wine, my transportation, and put some bucks in my pocket! #winning

Then my cousin also brought home a late night snack, wonder-full and stimulating discussions and not to mentioned she provided my transportation to my dinner.

I sit waiting for a teacher, friend, sister yea all of that she is to finalize some business. She says I have something for you. Before that I get a call……

From my mentor, teacher, friend, mother yea she all of that too. Well she is on the other end of the phone,
Her:I have gooood news!
Me: I’m like, You dooooo give it to me!
Her: I won some $$$ in Atlantic City! And I want to gift some to you to get your hair braided, if you want to get it done.
Me: Well of course.
Her: WOW! you’re so blessed!!
Me: you can say that again, not going to lie there!
We chat some more, then she gets back to her day. By that time my sister had arrived.

From her I get hugs, smiles, light, and a computer bag for my laptop! She’s so abundant and aligned!

From the universe I get warm, sweet, crisp air to walk amongst as I go home, writing this. Breeze hitting my skin, I smile fall is almost here! Who knows what the rest of the day may bring, it’s only 2pm here!

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