Self Nourish


So last Friday, I had an incident that reminded me that our Health is our Wealth. Our bodies are the vehicles we utilize to navigate this physical plane. And we must always properly nourish them both physically and mentally if we expect to continue on. Because they will give us signs and they will STOP us in our tracks if we do not do so.

I have not posted much to the B.Fit, due to me pulling back on my physical activity, trying to balance out the lack there of. During this time, I am able to realize that our bodies require much and you have to do more than take note of the things your body and soul needs to function. You MUST do them.

The incident also allowed me to see that altruism, still is a characteristic within folks. There are many nice folks in the world and they will come to your aid and need when you need them. From those that know you to strangers on the street, literally will show you that the world is shifting more towards love.

I’m grateful for all the experiences I travel through, that experience was the reminder that I have to take better care of myself and that I still have a ways to go on my health journey. And to BREATHE!!!!! And that I still love to eat lots and my body love to eat lots, so I must feed it lots. Lots of wonderful healthy foods though 😉

So be good to yourself, do not scale back the things that are most influential for your growth, health, and vitality. Do whatever you need to in order to do more than just survive. You have to be doing things that give you LIFE!! And BREATHE!!!



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