Do You Believe In Magic?


Many times in life we come to a crossroad of the known and the unknown. We tend to embrace the known, while we grimace and scowl at the magic and mysticism of the unknown. The one lesson that has been universal from all my teachers has been life is what you make it and you get out of it exactly what you want. They all give this message to me in different ways. But nonetheless, it is still the same…. just different perspectives, personalities, and experiences.

The unknown has magic all within, all around it; and as long as you are open to receive what’s coming, spectacular things can and will happen to you. Magic is available as long as you believe. Do you believe in magic? Are you aware of your own magic? Magical things have been happening to me all my life. I yet to be really aware of this until two and half years ago. My outlook on life and the love I put into the universe is what creates my magic.

Harness your powers, embrace the experiences of the unknown, and NEVER stop believing in magic. All my teachers has taught me this.  So do you believe in magic? What magic have you manifested?



( An excerpt from upcoming book, ‘Lessons From My Teachers’)

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