Split Decision


To go or not to go? That is the question…..

Sometimes in life there are things that come at you in their own timing, not when you need them to come. Hell, that is not sometimes, that is all the time. Nothing comes at our timing, it comes when it is supposed to come. Since business slowed during the summer I have been out here hustling and bustling trying to find a job. I have applied to some of everything, and  some of everywhere. I was not discriminatory towards any position, just cause it was like that.  Meaning, beggars  cannot be choosy. So I have applied, I have interviewed and still nothing.

So a few weeks ago, as most of you know I had an interview with a recruiter for a teaching position overseas. I rocked the interview and was offered the position a few days afterwards. So I begin to plan for my departure by getting all my ducks in a row, doing paperwork, touching base with family members, selling furniture, and fundraising. As I’m doing all these things, I then get a job offer for the job I have been trying to get since I got out of college, as an analyst.

So last week, I receive information that I received the job and they are expediting my security clearance information so that I will not have to wait so long to begin work. So I’m looking at my situation and I’m confused. I sit back and I’m split between the two. Which path do I go down, why all of a sudden I have two job offers, ultimately what is it that I really want? I have been going through the motions this week wondering what it is that I really want. What decision will leave me fulfilled.

Here is where I am so far with this. The China job brings upon an opportunity to travel, experience a different culture, a laid back work environment, a lower cost of living, a great resume’ builder-international experience, interaction with kids on a daily bases,  and just an overall time for me to take some time for myself. The DC job brings upon the opportunity for the position I have been wanting forever, will assist me with taking my finance and business skills to the next level, allow me to be in a position to help others take their businesses to the next level, allows me to stay home and finish out the obligations I currently have here, allows me to cultivate the new relationships that have come to me over the past few months, and allows me to cultivate and build on existing friendships and relationships.

It somehow seems like a no brainer to some. But I have this passion to travel the world and live amongst others and learn their culture, but I also have a passion for entrepreneurs and assisting small businesses go to the next level, so that as a culture we will be more self-sufficient. 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other. So what do I do? Which path do I choose to travel? What lifestyle do I move towards?

I know the answer….I move towards the one that will make me happy. The one I really want. Stay tuned as I meditate on where I should be in this life. Over the next week I will make a decision as to where I will be at least for the next year of my life. DC or China? Who knows….well I do of course.


B. Right

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