Now That’s A Conversation Piece


So what’s your conversation starter? What is it that you say to break the ice? What is the one question, you are most asked when meeting someone new? What’s your story that you are willing to tell? An intimate night hosting, and someone sees a nice work of art in the corner…conversation piece, the book runner of actual books featuring subjects you are passionate about that you have on the main coffee table…conversation piece, that time you went backpacking across the globe before settling into a career…conversation piece, and the winner of them all – voted most popular and most talkative is…..the degree you may or may not have hanging  in your office or wall of your home.

Networking is huge! I believe the hype! I do, I am a believer. I use to ‘knot’ get it; tongue tied, sweaty palm type individual who did not see the point. Oh but I do now.  Human capital and your resource of people is what will evolve us to our next phase. It is not how rich you are materially, but how rich you are humanly. And I mean that in all sense of the word, humanly. Think on that.

Back to the point…when networking one can expect to be asked, “So what do you do?”, “What did you study?,” “Where did you study?”, “What organization are you here with?” Hey, I’m guilty. The pot is not calling the kettle Black. I am simply verbalizing an observation. Why is it the first bit of information you want to know about me has me sounding like the spokesperson for an Everest commercial. I mean these items are important, because they are a daily part of our lives. But is there not something else you want to know about me. Is there not something, just slightly of more interest than my degree and my Alma mater.

Yes we should be proud, very proud of our accomplishments. And we should relish in them as much as possible, hey you deserve it.But allow me to ask you and please ask me, “what do you love?”, “what do you want to do with your life?” “what’s your purpose?”, “how do you see yourself inflicting change?” “what makes you absolutely happy?”, what is that thing or things you absolutely cannot see yourself not doing for the rest of your life?”, “are you doing it?”, “why not, what’s stopping you?” So from here out my conversation piece will start a little something like this……

“Hi, I’m Brittany. I love seeing people move towards their interests and find what it is they love to do; I love everything about the arts – photography, music, dance, visual, fashion, acting, comedy, writing, and business. I hope to continue to impact the world, one interaction at a time and I want to live a life where I am unapologetically being me. Right now I’m discovering my niche, by trying different things, being a practitioner. I love people and life. What do you love?”

What will your next conversation piece sound like? Post them here, I would love to hear.



One thought on “Now That’s A Conversation Piece

  1. Mister


    Good piece sister.

    I teach my young people to ask the general questions that some d is are so tired of. It’s a great way to establish common and light hearted connection.

    Still, I support your quest for depth and deeper union. And I really enjoyed your conversation started. It’s a bit long for most folks… But maybe they should just change. That’s a change I would support!

    I need to work on my starter!

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