Penned 10.14.13 My Earthday Rehash


So I belly danced today. It was so vibrant and feminine. They celebrated me, but first and foremost…. I danced. I celebrated my life. I sweated. I let go of resistant energy. I smiled, I yelled, I blossomed, I revered at beauty. Dancing is so transcendent, the movement of my limbs, calms me. Although, it was high energy, I felt balanced and clear the entire time. Never too rallied up. So we danced, we laughed, we yelped, we were sexy, and we worked it out.

Afterwards, they formed a circle around me and danced. Each of them came to me and danced on me, with me, and just gave me all this feminine energy to complete and start my cycle. I was surrounded by beauty. We danced we moved our hips and so many showed me love on today, so much love.

Women we are power-full. Afterwards we went our way and got food, went to markets and enjoyed one another. Now here I am now, writing on the train. All is love and love is all.  More to come about what my bornday brought to me, about my next cycle in life.



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