Train Ride…One of many


I love live people. Just living, authentically being themselves. Laughing, smiling, and picking with people. I so love how everyone feel like they are able to interact with one another. The train during rush hour is live, some filled with smiles and others with frowns carried home from work.

Why do we conform? Who taught us to be so stiff, so quiet, so tamed? We are animals and we don’t even realize it. Domesticated ones that is. The love of live, do we really know what that means? Are we really living? What is the definition of living? We are so plugged into our electronics, looking downward, instead of noticing the beauty around us.

Vision. Our vision is blurry. We are so confined by our current views and the mudane that life isn’t really what it seems. We are not connected, we’re missing out on the heights of life. What are we doing? Why are we here? Do we even ask ourselves this anymore? What’s your purpose in life? Do we even care?




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