Relevance and Social Justice In the Church!



Today, I was going to post about my support system and express my gratitude for being connected with a family of people that love me and invest in me. I still can, we sat around this morning and connected virtually to church as a family. So I am grateful for our time to convene together yesterday and today.

I have not sat and listened to the word from a pastor in a while, for many reasons. The main reason is relevance and change. But today as I sit with my extended family, I am impressed and humbled with Pastor, Delman Coates of Mt. Ennon. He is relevant and communicating in terms that most pastors and preachers do not talk in. He is speaking of injustice and the way a church should operate for it’s community. Mostly he is speaking of the world as we now see it instead of how things were in the Bible, per se.

He is talking about private prisons, mass incarcerations, race and ethics, prejudices, voting rights, kids and trends, the family dynamic.  He mentions how we are not unified as a family, how separated we are. We have missed the mark somewhere.

This word is inspiring to me. Are churches now moving back towards teaching and educating our people of the injustices and issues of the world? I didn’t receive this type of experience from church growing up. All I received was fables, stories, and language I did not quite comprehend.

I am hopeful that more pastors are providing a relevant experience to their congregation. This was very needed today. Church is a powerful force, it has the opportunity to direct people to change the world and turn the world upside down. Don’t just tell me Bible stories; tell me how we can build as a community and ignite change. Lead us to progress together, shed light on current issues, educate us on the politricks that affect us, remind me of the impact we can make, advance us, utilize the scriptures to motivate and to bring about prevalence.

I’m impressed, great job! This was something I needed to experience to reignite the faith that the church can make a relevant impact for our next generation. Challenge things and turn things upside down, so things can be right side up. We are spiritual revolutionaries, we have to continue to fight on!!



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