Go With the Flow


Go With the Flow

There will always be many pieces and moments that make up the whole. Everything is a part of the flow. Some moments will be predictable, planned, expected. Others will be spontaneous, abrupt, and cosmic. But nonetheless all the pieces are needed to make the whole. We sometimes get so caught up in the moments of now in life and rarely view back to the events leading to our now. We ask why certain things are happening, forgetting that at a point in our lives asked for those very things. Don’t dabble in the past, but realize that each moment leads to the next moment and each moment should be beauty filled so that the whole will be beautyfull. Whether the pieces are upright, to the left, the right, they still serves purpose to the moment now. All is a part of your blossoming #gratitude #moments #beautyinevetything #puttingthepiecestogether #puzzle #now #flow #appreciation #life #brightproject

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