One-Sided Contracts?


So what do you do when you feel like you are all give out. Like you are steady in these one sided contracts where you are assisting others to come up and nothing is being returned, or no gratitude is being shown. Not to say that you are not receiving blessings or support. No not at all. That definitely isn’t the case. But when I steadily give of myself even when I do not have and you take and give nothing, my spirit becomes drained. I am drained, I am becoming angry, I am becoming resentful, I am feeling feelings that I do not want to feel or succumb to because they are not conducive to who I am, but I am human.

This is hard because as a giver, as someone who is committed to service, how can I ever say that I’m tired of giving to someone, I’m tired of helping someone. This is a struggle, my heart is hurting and for more than one reason. B/c I am very tired and drained, and then I feel bad about being tired and drained. Not really sure how to traverse these feelings and move forward. But I get to choose how I feel, so therefore I can choose to be positive and know that I’m strong enough to handle all situations and that everything has its’ reasons.

Being real with your true feelings and being transparent is a big step to overcoming the moments. If you are not real with yourself then how can you be real to anyone else.

Today, I’m grateful for new opportunities and how life works on it’s timing. #60daysofgratitude #divinesynchronicities




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