Double the Trouble!


Adult….what defines a man or a woman? I was just a watcher of a ‘grown’ woman calling out a child as she was leaving the library.

The library manager says, “Hey, what’s your name?”, in a not so quiet octave of voice. The child turns and responds. The LM then turns to the security lady and says, ” You know who this child is?”, still talking very loudly. The guard shakes her head no. The LM then turns to the child and asks, ” Do you know why I am calling you out?”. The little girl, who is probably say 12/13 says, “No”. The lady then says, “Well the last time you were here you called me a racist.” The girl says, “No I didn’t.” LM: ” Are you calling me a liar?” The girl says, “No, I just don’t remember that.” She then says, “You want me to refresh your memory? Tell me why I shut the computers down the last time you were here?” The girl says, ” I don’t know.” LM says, “well maybe you should get out and come back when you remember.”

So I have no issue with righting wrongs and discussing with our children the areas of a situation that was wrong. I’m all for taking an approach that is mannerly, poised, and professional. The first thing that struck me is the lack of professionalism. The second is the way that you were talking to this child as if she was incompetent. Lastly I am not for any adult voluntarily coming down to a child’s level by barking, shouting and embarrassing them. The child was being respectful and you were not. I am not for that.

That was not a ‘grown’ woman actions.!! Opinions?


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