I Am My Most Important Ally


I Am My Most Important Ally

Stop saying that you’re your own worst enemy and realize that you’re your biggest and most important ally!

Sometime in 2012 I decided to list my pros and my cons. Looking at the list, I went on and on about my lack thereof, instead of my haves. A few months back I asked myself so what can be crossed off the list, and what can be added?

I added some things to the pros, I marked things off the cons that could now be added to the pro side. There is nothing wrong with taking inventory so that you can improve, but don’t get into this routine of focusing on your lack and negatively viewing yourself.

We are not our own worst enemy, we are our most important ally!

#nonegativeselftalk #followdreams #selfmotivate #givereceivelove #gogivers #goreceivers

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