Altruism, anyone?


On the train today I was a witness of altruism. I was able to sit and watch young men, help another young man. And I will add that they were Black young men. The most important piece is the selflessness they displayed as they helped the handicapped man exit the train while the doors were closing.

The gentleman had been trying to exit the train when his chair became stuck between the bars, and that slowed him down. He was shortly freed from the bars and moved toward the doors. By that time passengers were boarding and he waited patiently. He then proceeded to exit. Upon his exit his chair couldn’t go over the hump and the doors started to close.

Two young men noticed this and immediately blocked the doors from closing on him and they lifted his chair to the platform so that he can move on with his journey. I was touched. Yes, I’m sensitive when it comes to helping others in the smallest and slightest of ways. I noted that they were young Black men because many have said that our Black men only care for themselves, they are heartless, and are in their own worlds. But today, that small act of kindness went a long way for me.

I am not surprised but I’m sure there were a few who were. It made my heart smile and it made me teary eyed because I love nice people. Some may not look like they are giving and selfless, but that doesn’t matter. It is the heart inside. And today my friends I was a witness to altruism by young positive men. #loveit



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