Laugh out Loud, Laughing My Ass Off Type Laughter


Anyone who knows me, knows that my most favorite thing to do is laugh and make others laugh. It’s my most fave pastime. These past couple of weeks, I have been LOL’ing, LMAO, and ROTFL. Well honestly, I do that every day at some point. I can’t go a day without it, I’m addicted!!! Which is really what this post is about, but I did want to ask how in the hades did we express our laughter back in the day before lol, lmao, and rotfl? Anyone? Let me know.

Anywho back to the lightness of laughter! I absolutely adore it. I remember as a child having the most weirdest laugh, that made others laugh; not even knowing what or why I was laughing about. Which is how I came to love making others laugh. I want to point out the wonders and goodness in smiling and laughing. There maybe even some goodness in smizing. *Giggles*

Laughter is medicine and it has this love behind it that just isolates you from everything else in the world. People hardly ever realize the effect they have on someone who they just made laugh or smile. It takes you to this familiar place of joy and encouragement. I am so grateful to all the folk and situations that I can sit back and laugh with and at. Laughter has served to be a faithful reminder that I sometimes take life way too seriously and that I am stressing for no reason at all.

Laughter has taken me through some situations and has made me forget about others. Laughter has allowed me to forgive folk and see past my own pettiness. Laughter changes my world each time I open my mouth to do so. Laughter has made the raunchiest of situations mellow. Laughter has paused many of my grief-stricken moments into peace. Laughter is a GRAND gesture that should be given daily, freely, and at every chance you get. Laughter is the best freaking antidepressant, beta blocker, narcotic, ace inhibitor, lipid regulator, antibiotic, and sedative there is on this be-you-ti-ful Earth. And it is free, unless you going to a Kevin Hart show or buying the full season of the Dave Chappelle Show.

Laughter is light!! Have you shared any light today? Do tell, you know I like to laugh! You know that saying that sometimes you got to laugh to keep from crying?…. Well I like to say you should laugh until you are crying!!! And if no one or nothing makes you laugh daily, then look at yourself. I laugh at myself all the time! Now that’s good stuff!



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