What were you doing?


So we all have these moments in our lives….where we begin to self-evaluate, or do a little self-inquiry. Hey! We all need to be doing this every so often. It’s healthy. Why? Because you know yourself better than anyone else. And we go through life and we take on the opinions, expectations, and even characteristics of what and how others define us. So we must take time top really sit back, define, and inquire about ourselves.

I asked a few friends where they were at 27. What they were doing? How did they feel about life? Why did I want to know this…..because I turned 27 this year and I pictured my life a little differently than what it is now.

I had this cookie cutter scenario that I had designated for my life at this very age. I thought I would be ‘this’….by now……is what is going on here.

I didn’t ask to compare or to beat myself up about where I was, I asked to confirm the dynamics of how we all have a different journey. We get caught up with thinking we are supposed to be in a certain space by a certain age and doing these certain things. But in all actuality we are simply supposed to be, being ourselves. Doing and living out the questions we have in life and being happy with ourselves.

Yes, I am human and I had a plan for my third year before 30. Has that plan manifested the way that I intended it. *Shakes head vigorously NO.* Am I OK with that? Today, I am. Yesterday, I was not. How do I move forward? I move forward knowing that every flower blossoms in its own time. I look to the fact that I am right where I need to be and I am on purpose.

I struggle sometimes feeling like I am not on purpose, or that I am not contributing or adding value to our world. When in turn, my presence is what I provide. When I am unapologetically being myself, that is me living with purpose. Today, I vow to live on purpose each and every day. I vow to understand , and to understand that everyone will not understand or agree with my truth. And to know that is OK. I vow to care less about who I am to others and more about who I am to myself.

Where were you at 27? What were you doing? How did you feel about life?

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