Phase One: Shift in Frames


You ever have those moments in life when you audibly speak out to no one in particular, because no one is there and not to even receive an answer because you don’t want to know the answer really. You say, "can it get any worse?", "why me?", "what’s next?"

For years this was my life. Not being aware that my words, thoughts, and actions actually created my life. I was creating this negative sequence of events. Life was happening in this way that had me blown and I didn’t realize it was from my doing. Every time one hurdle would some way dismiss itself, another one came about. I couldn’t look up and be in peace. My mind was a race of many thoughts and I was overwhelmed with life.

I went through a phase of negative self talk and clouded thoughts. But I had to go through that phase in order to appreciate my now. I had to go through that phase to understand and grasp the power of words and thoughts. I am mature enough to be grateful of all my experiences, good and bad.

So looking back and reflecting I know why things were the way they were. I know who caused them, I know why my life is no longer this way. I was a walking breeder of negativity. I had this chip on my shoulder, I was disgusted with my life, its turn of events, and thought that someone owed me something.

How my life shifted, without me really being aware still is because I changed my thought pattern. There was a point when I began thinking and doing more positive things, so life shifted in that direction.

Lesson: There really are no good or bad experiences, its nature of life and it is up to you what you create. No good? NO BAD? Yes they both are builders of character, they both provide you with a boundless perspective. So the ‘bad’ I thought was happening turned to be what allowed me to be such a strong individual, allowed me to view life in a different perspective, and it has all been a part of the flow, every moment. Without that there would be no this.

Life occurs in direct progression of what has already occurred and from the soul within. Completion of phase 1, I turned a negative into a positive frame, that would be my frame of mind.



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