As I ran for the train this morning, that I ultimately missed, I was reminded of the hustle and bustle. This is something that I have gotten unaccustomed to for the past year and half, working on my own time. So I’m doing some readjusting and trying to get back acquainted with this life. But to make matters worse this morning, guess what I did….I forgot my earrings. So I became very frustrated, let out a uuugggghhhhh!!!! And said out loud, I’m an entrepreneur….WTF am I doing? (my hair is too short, to be without earrings)

What are we doing? What Am I Doing? Hey, I know bills have to be paid, but are you at least doing one thing a day that you love? Why do we stress ourselves and our bodies by waking up abruptly, rushing, doing things we are not interested in, dealing with folk who are not traveling the same wavelengths, dealing with traffic, train, and bus rides, all of that?!!

This post is not to encourage you to quit your job, but to begin moving towards things that you are interested in, discover the things that make you happy, spend some time doing something that makes you smile each day. This is a call for action for you to love yourself and just do. Just do something for you. And do this EV-VER-RY DAY!

Forget your earrings, get mad enough to begin moving towards your interests. If you don’t know what you are interested in….then try a variety of things. If you like it, do it again. If you don’t move on to the next. This is your life and you are responsible for your own happiness. So take control and do the things that makes you just that! Happy!

Remember that the money is where the joy is. (Repeat that last sentence.) The joy is not in the money. That gets spent, it is here today and gone tomorrow. We don’t want that type of joy. Wherever you find joy, is your jackpot. Live with purpose!



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