True Statement. Samuel Coleridge coined the title per my rolodex of quotes (correct spelling…Rolodex…blank stare, why?) . I have no idea who Samuel Coleridge is, I’ll look him up later. And yes, I guess I do go around quoting folks I don’t know. So do you.

I see that my postings have a theme. I mostly say the same things in different ways through different experiences. But that’s funny, because life is the same way. It presents the same lessons, beauty, type of people, etc to us through different experiences, people, objects, nature, etc. So I don’t feel any type way about being somewhat repetitive.

Nothing is insignificant, everything is a part of the flow, each moment counts, everything within reason… I guess we could go on and on with the different ways we can express this term. The reason nothing is insignificant because it is at the dictation of you. And if you are creating and manifesting life, then that would make it damn important, for starters.

Expounding on that, you create your life and you have control of your destiny and everything that happens in your life is in direct correlation with how you want your life to be in that very moment. Oh, you say that you may not want to be broke in this very moment, but you are creating that. How? What were you thinking of prior to reading this post? That is the indicator of what you were or are creating.

Lastly, nothing is insignificant compared to abundance. Perspective, you can look at this as the utilization of a double negative or as just a properly stated statement. Nothing is insignificant. The experiences we do not go after, the things we do not do, the dreams we don’t materialize, the inaction. Yea all that stuff is insignificant. Especially compared to living out your dreams, moving towards your interests and gifts, fulfilling your Personal Legends, doing, BEING YOURSELF!

Nothing is insignifiicant. Everything happens within reason, and there is beauty in everything. That is just the law of nature. The life that you are creating for the universe, yourself, God, and everyone else is so SIGNIFICANT! So every detail that you manifest is huge. Play chess folk. And yes no-thing is in-significant. WE must DO. We must live unapologetically; be who we are always in all ways!



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