How can WE change the World?


I have always known I was here to contribute. To add value to the world and be of service; I know this. I have always wondered how and what is it exactly I’m suppose to be doing. How to go about it, I guess.

The reason I had yet to find the answer is because I was looking past the simplicity. I was looking outside of myself. I was looking beyond myself. The way we can change the world is to simply be ourselves. Find out what it is that you want to do or like to do and explore yourself.

Just Be. For there is unity in diversity. When you are being you, you are supplying your gifts to the world effortlessly. We were placed in this realm to get to know ourselves, to dis-cover ourselves. Be You.

If you are not sure who that is, then try and explore every inkling until you know a little bit more. Then explore some more. That is your one true purpose. Loving life, giving yourself, and supplying us with your presence.



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