Will our Rightings be read?


A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by one of my favorite movies, Finding Forrester. So as I sit and look I begin to wonder why I fell in love wth this movie years ago as a teen. No apparent reason came to me, but then I looked on. And now I see why. The things we know but cannot comprehend in certain periods of our lives. Why I fell in love with the movie? It is the writing, the mentorship, the friendship. It is the teachings and the growing that intrigued me most and still does.

I would be asked on several occasions by people who did not know me, if I was a writer. Because I was always pen and pad in tow. More doing research than anything else. Sometimes I would say yes, other times I would say no. And at other times I would have no idea as to what to say. Just a hunch of the shoulders and a tilt of the head.

Are we not all writers? We all have a story, similar to others but uniquely to ourselves. We all go through a phase and period of our life and we write. We write for school, we write for ourselves, we write. I am a writer and I have always been a writer. I will always be a writer. Will this writing bring me fame? Will this writing touch hearts? Will this righting be read? What’s your story? Will your righting be read?


B. Right

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