Altruism Anyone? Part 2


A few months back I posted about a few gentlemen who assisted a disabled man off the train. That was the first edition of this sequel. Today I sit and reflect on my morning and what a full 4 hours it has been thus far. All 4 full of community, assistance, unity, and altruism.

Today, I am on my way home. "I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the world that I’m coming…." I digress. I left out this morning in that blistering cold around 6:30. It is definitely cold out there folks! Like I almost got frostbite cold, no seriously. So once I arrive at the station I meet Walter. He is asking for change for breakfast.

I pass him a couple dollars, say salutations and begin strutting on. Walter asks, "you got it? You want me to help you?" I say no I’m good. He says, "buses or trains?" Bus. Then of course he insists. He grabs his bags, instructs me to stay right there. I don’t I keep walking behind him . He has someone watch over his things as he helps me with mine.

Not knowing his name at the time we chat as we make our way through the station. We get to the bus terminals and he introduces himself and tells me a little more about his comings and goings. He thanks me once again, I thank him. And of course bless him for blessing me. I tend to overpack and plus I’ll be gone for a week so… you can imagine. We say our goodbyes and hopes to see each other soon.

As I wait for the bus I talk to a passenger and help her cross the chains with her luggage because it was a struggle for me. I then look to her and say I’m going to sit over here while I make my breakfast. She says, "I got you." Not realizing the time, I sit and prepare my avocado and banana and the bus begins to load. I get up and try to get over to my bags. She stands there and hold up the line so that no one goes in front of me. So sweet. I tell her and everyone else to go ahead, I had too much in my hands and didn’t want to hold them up. As I try to gather my things a lady says, "you need help?" I look up and the gentleman behind her grabs my suitcase and begins strutting up the aisle. He rolls my suitcase as if it was his own. I smile with my bowl and other duffle bag in tow.

We commence our journey, and some passengers engage each other by assisting with times and addresses. We continue down the road, stop in Richmond and pick up some newbies. A family of 3 with one on the way sits with a lady. They share snacks between the 4 of them, the family and the lady and laugh. They are who prompted this post. I had yet to realize that the morning had been filled with altruism and community as much as it has until I began typing. To the family of 4 and their new friend, my riding buddy, and Mr. Walter you all inspire me!



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