The Body Experiment


Some may know and many may not, but a couple years back I underwent a lifestyle change. And I shouldn’t be utilizing underwent as if it is a part of my past, because I still very much am transforming daily and learning more. This week, back at home with the family proved just that. I do not like to place myself in any type of boxes or label myself as this or that. So I don’t. I do what I feel my body wants at the time and then her and I measure the effects afterwards.

Going home for me, is always a challenge when it comes to my current lifestyle. I like to eat, mingle, and mostly have a great time while enjoying family and friends – old and new. Life is an experiment, every moment of it is. And we are all here to make the most of our experiences and learn from them. Why is coming home a challenge, because I eat differently, I carry myself differently from my past, and I am more in tune with myself than I had been in younger years.

So coming home this week, I knew I would be partying. And yes partying with fly ass five year olds count as partying because ain’t no party like a children’s party, cause them kids neva stop!!! Hey! I knew there would be food and sweets galore and I knew that my family would want me to enjoy myself just as much as they did. And when it comes to black folk, we know how happy and unified we get when we sit a plate of food in front of our faces.

To the experiment…. I ate this week. I ate things I haven’t eaten in years. And no I don’t feel bad about anything, I’m glad that I was able to go through this experience in order to learn more about my body and what works for me. I do not crusade my lifestyle on anyone, I am a firm believer that you do what works for you and what your body feels it needs. Everyone is different.

When I came home, my niece and I weighed in, just for fun. That is what girls do in Mima’s powder room. We play. So we both jumped on the scale together, and then separately. I came in at a whopping 129. Normal. For me. This was just a few days ago, Saturday I think. Today, almost a week later I am 145.

What the what???? Now, I’m not spazzing out or anything but looking at the changes in my body and how my insides feel has me a little on edge and ready to get home back to my normal regimen.

What caused a 15lb increase you ask. Well I ate birthday cake, cookies, I even had a ‘chicken’ hot dog, coffee, eggs, grits, brownies, beans, cabbage, and turnips. Oh and at my dad’s I made a veggie lasagna with cheese. At my uncles I had some brown rice, collards, and piece of turkey. I also have not been drinking as much water as I should. Oh, but you’re vegan….read the first paragraph again please. Yes, my lifestyle mostly consists of a vegan diet but I do what I feel. I must say I enjoyed eating those things and I do not beat myself over the head for having them.

The results, of course the weight increase, my stomach and thighs have reaped the most of this gain and my hourglass figure is more like a liter at the moment. I have had a headache for the past couple of days and my digestive system and bowel movements have seemingly been working at a slower pace. What I have learned from my experience this week, is that the lifestyle that I choose, mostly a vegan diet works for me and my goals. The sugars and starches do not do well with my personal genetic makeup. I would never be able to go back to the way that I use to eat, and eat that way daily. If I did, I will be back at 210 with all types of problems going on.

The reason I am not mad, but ready to get home is because now I know for sure the items that are not conducive to the wellness that I need. I now know that when I am out of my element I have to really be disciplined in what I put into my body. I share this because I am transparent as can be, when it comes to my eating and health. I share this to inspire others. I share this because it motivates me to take my wellness to the next level. I share this because we all have similar stories and someone will not share theirs. I share this, so that you too can share your stories. What are some changes that you have made in your life, that may be a challenge when you go home or hang with old friends?



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