#BlackHis&HerStory #brightprojects #hereandnow


ImageThis month is designated as black history month. We will pay homage to the many leaders that came before us and paved the way. As we should. So let’s now take a moment and many moments after today to give thanks to them and show our gratitude. They set the example and blazed the trail for our current generation of leaders, prodigies, and revolutionaries. 

History brings forth relevance. The doings of yesteryear, spills over to our current legacy building and change makers are being born and sent out into the world daily. We progress with the times and we have to ask ourselves what are we doing now? Who will pave the way for the generations to come? Who will be their Martin Luther, Malcom X, Rosa, and Harriet? 

I am a firm believer that if you are being yourself unapologetically then you are living your purpose and sharing the many gifts that are bestowed within you. So this month I want to pay homage to those who are living on purpose NOW! Celebrate everyday people who lead their lives doing what they love, spreading joy along the way. This month is Black His&HerStory Month!! This is for the black prodigies that are here and now! 





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