Goddess of Dark and Light




I embrace my darkness and my light. I am not afraid for either to show through. It seemed to be the theme of last month’s lunar eclipse. Accepting who you are and understanding the beauty of both perspectives. Dark & Light; Joy & Pain; Love & Hate; Fear & Courage; Anger & Calmness; Lack & Abundance, how you can’t experience one without the other. I am freeing myself from the acceptance of others. I accept me for just who I am.

I forgive myself for all past endeavors that I saw as dark and accept them as lessons. Everyday I fall more in love with life and enjoy the journey of my experiences. Soon my days will be filled with all that  I love to do and love about life. Life is abundant. I am grateful to know the things I know. I look forward to expanding.

The light and dark are beautiful. Something I have to remember……..



2 thoughts on “Goddess of Dark and Light

    • Give Thanks!! Yes it is a scary moment. The more I self discover the more I get afraid to know more. The more you know the more you are accountable for displaying your gifts and yourself to those around you! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It means the world!

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