Finding Me Reminders


inspirationToday, I let the words flow out as I sit and recollect my thoughts. Meditating on what is next, how to push this book, and what will come of me. I have so many untapped attributes. The dear creator could come down himself and tell me all of them and I would still be like well, there is this one flaw. It’s funny how you can see the beauty and strengths of those around you versus yourself sometimes.

We get so caught up in our environment around us, growing up that we don’t take the time to fully understand and know ourselves. Then we grow up with little patience to sit alone with ourselves, always feeling like we have to be on the go or be doing something. Taking moments for yourself becomes a distant gesture that never comes up, unless the universe reminds you in a tragic way. Making us sit down, making us be still, making us realize that we need to reevaluate.

So what’s next? I’m not sure, I have to go sit alone with myself and not move. I have to still my mind and go towards the things I really want in life. Where do I see myself? What do I see me doing? Why am I so scared to visualize these things? But now I go and sit, maybe because I have to get ready for a meeting and then errands, and then my dad’s in town…..where will I get the time to sit with myself? IDK……

5 thoughts on “Finding Me Reminders

  1. I try to sit with myself first foot out of the bed, right after the first pee…that way the streets are quiet, the wind is calm and I can hear most clearly. Are you cleansing your ori regularly yet?

  2. I have come to really enjoy and now plan for those times of quiet, solitude. It refreshes me to get quiet and hear my spirit speak. Thanks for the reminder to make sure we find the time to do so.

    • Me too LiKeisha! I have to remind myself to sit and be still! And sometimes even steal moments from myself. I have been conditioned to think that if I am sitting and relishing in the moments that I am being unproductive. I have to get out of that, because being quiet with yourself I see is truly important. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  3. Beautiful. You’re right. Most of us weren’t raised to be self-reflective. I was blessed to be given a interactive journal growing up. There were prompts like: “List 5 things you love about yourself” and “Circle your values.” Children could benefit greatly from such a journal. What are some of your favorite tools to help children sit and reflect upon their likes/dislikes/dreams/character/values/etc?

    • Oh wow! Love! I need one of those journals for myself now! hehe. We could all benefit from such a journal, not just children. I’m not too sure how effective my method has been, but I try to ask open ended questions that will get children thinking. Questions that will have them utilize their critical thinking skills. I like to ask reflective questions that have them priority. When it comes to dreams or goals, with my nephew I asked his interests and then found trades, skills, activities, etc that incorporate them and had him look them up and respond to which ones he thought he might be interested in learning more about. But I believe a great technique is mindfulness! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It means a lot!

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