……Saturn Returns….


saturn returnYesterday was my Earthday!! I divinely enjoyed my day and felt a nice ease about life. There is just one thing, I turned 28 this year. It takes Saturn about 28 to 30 years to fully rotate around the sun and return to it’s stomping grounds it graced the day you were born. Now Saturn, is our celestial taskmaster and it represents discipline. So of course with this year, brings GREAT responsibility.

So as I relish my one whole day of being 28, I know that I have to move quickly with Saturn. No procrastination allowed. So I must choose what new discipline I plan to undertake. I’ve been trying to go through my rolodex in my mind and figure this thing out. What to do? What to do? What areas in my life need discipline? What can I do to bring more organization and controlled will power in my life? What? Any ideas?

I would like to incorporate something that can align me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some have suggested Tai Chi, or yoga. I have yet to set a decision in stone. I am indecisive, that is a trait of my Libra spirit. Now that is something I am looking to work on – decisiveness.

I must say that I am excited as to what is to come with my Saturn return. Why? Because I am not the most disciplined person and I long to be. I do not want to be uptight, but I want to have more order in my life and to do things consistently. I want to be be consistent.I am consistent in all things I do! So here is to a happy Saturn Return, a great year, and more order!!

Oh, any ideas for a new discipline I can take on?

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