5 Things That We Can Take From The Michael Brown Grand Jury


1. They no longer need us here, they do not care about Black lives. The System of the USA is done with us. They have utilized us to their capacity and have no more use for us. We have built their country, cultivated their land, worked for them, purchase the must from them. Note they feel we are merely friending :/ them and dependent.

2. This is the catalyst for change. Yes we say this every time as a culture, but this time is different. This is the birth of our revolutionaries. This is this generation’s civil unrest. This is the millennial fight. This is the birth of the next sojourner, harriet, rosa. This is the birth of the next garvey, malcolm, marion barry (MB). Revolutionaries are born from situations like these.

3. We have nothing to lose, be creative. We need to channel our efforts into something constructive, something strategic. We have to be creative, we have to organize and be analytical. We have nothing to lose, look at the world we live in, our birth place. Life has turned into this inanimate object that holds little value.

4. Let’s delegate our own officials. Who are the people we eject and elect to be our representatives? What sectors see needed to be a independent governing body of our own? Who us going to organize? We need to build. Relationships are important. Who are we going to invest in to be our leaders? Who are we going to edify and band together? Look at our connections and build.

5. Hit them where it hurts. Their Profit Margins. Gather with your family, friends, or community this holiday and make an allegiance to each other; that you will put energy into your life and their lives in order to overcome adversity. Boycott their stores. Do not participate in their money laundering schemes – Black Friday Sales, Cyber Mondays, Christmas, New Year. Circulate your dollars amongst each other. Stop hating on each other and being crabs in a bucket. Celebrate each other. Ferguson burn that McDonalds, the food is poisoning you. If you can burn local structures take that corporate monster down too. Be protective of businesses and properties that are of value to you. Open and guard the local Black owned carry out, circulating dollars. Being creative and strategic.

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