B.About Me


20131002_174938Welcome! Welcome! Thank you for joining me on my journey, I look forward to building with you. You will be sure to have fun, smile, laugh, cry, share, and think. JusB.Right is me coming of age and steady journeying on the path of being right. Not in answers but in actions. Doing what’s right for me and those around me.  So that’s the why, to show and prove me being unapologetically me. I’ve learned that being myself at all times is what’s best for me and for those I love. When you shine and uniquely be you it gives others permission to be themselves and shine too. So yes I’m being bright and shining into my greatness.

B.Right wasn’t always so right. Well of course not, we all go through experiences and stages that places us to our NOW. There would be no B.Right had I at one time, not been acting so right. My college bestie pinged me the name B.Right, because of my not so light actions. I thrived off drama and it wasn’t so pretty. She just literally wanted me to be right. She didn’t want any of the drama, heaviness, misunderstandings, and negativity. She wanted balance, beauty, harmony, and righteousness. And not ‘holier than thou’ type righteousness, but just positivity. So that’s the how.

And the NOW.20131002_174929

It’s funny how you live up to what you are called. Names and what you answer to are very important. I matured and became more positive. I am doing and acting more righteous. I am just being right, just as she requested. Over the past few years I have been on a journey of getting to know me, being comfortable being me, accepting me and mostly unapologetically being me.

So I’m here to give you the pieces of me. All sides, no bull, no filters. I’ll express myself to you through all the things I love. Those things that have been suppressed for so long. I’m finally embracing and blending all of me together. I’m a lot of things; I don’t have a box anymore. So this B.About Me is just a snippet  of me.

Who are you?

revolutionary.writer. seamstress. actress. violinist. photographer. sister. daughter. cinematographer. editor. stylist. health enthusiast. love. friend. student. teacher. giver. receiver. analyst. coach. finance guru. astrologist. nature. entrepreneur. volunteer. humanitarian. philanthropist. mother. dancer. singer. world traveler. blogger. choreographer. brand ambassador. social realtor. programmer. author. historian. mathematician. numerologist. drummer. motivator. speaker. builder. advocate. supporter. astronomer. partner. wisdom. moon. earth. solutionary.

I am B.Right. I am Power-full!



One thought on “B.About Me

  1. cwjacques

    I have an event 8/13 at the Sheraton Tysons Corner from 4-7. Are you available to participate? It’s a women’s showcase talent event. We are,a nonprofit.

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